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Despite the passing of time and changing fashions the pearls in fine jewellery continue their popularity. They are best suited for formal engagements in evening dresses at wedding, gala reception or opera. They are worn both by queens, first ladies and particular everyday persons. Their ageless beauty and classic elegancy can determine the appearance of their wearer. Due to their different colours and shapes the appropriate pearl jewellery can be chosen to any kind of clothes.

The application of pearls in a jewellery is versatile, they are used most frequently as a pearl strand necklace or a solitaire pearl surrounded by an exciting design. Simplicity is the characteristic feature of a pearl strand necklace. Perhaps a particular clasp can refer to the hight of perfection of craftsmanship. Sometimes rondels are placed between the pearls. These are usually round disks of platinum or gold often adorned with diamonds or other gems. Valuable pearl necklaces are strung on thin silk or nylon strands with knotting between the pearls in order to ensure that due to an inadvertent rip the pearls could not roll away. It is advisable to have the pearl strand necklaces restrung every one to two years.
Solitaire pearls can be set in brooches, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. In the later two cases the pearls are more subject to some physical impacts than pearls set in any other piece of jewellery. Usually the pearl is simply set onto the ring protruding with her beauty however it can be easily damaged. In the designing phase this possibility should be taken into account and the protection of the pearl can be ensured. Rarely it happens that the pearls without being drilled are placed in a cage though in most of the cases the pearls are half-drilled or better up to 60% of the pearl diameter. The drilled hole should be as deep as the length of the stem that sticks out of the jewellery. Unfortunately in the majority of cases these stems are too short and made of plane metal, it refers to very poor craftmanship since it results in poor fit. Even if the pearl is fixed on the stem with glue, during normal wear the pearl can be bumped until it breaks off. The perfect solution it the use of a threaded stem, of course in most of the cases the use of a special epoxy glue is inevitable.
We are committed to producing custom designed jewellery suiting the appearance, personality, lifestyle and last but not least the wishes of the wearer. The process begins with sketching the design on paper or making a CAD drawing then upon approval of the customer the piece of jewellery is being made mainly by manual labor and partly by using CAM.

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