Perles de Tahiti


Perles de Tahiti was created as a G.I.E., an economic interest group established in 1993 by the government of French Polynesia to rationalise and gather all development activities in pearlculturing in an extremely competitive and perpetually changing international market. It also aimed to educate consumers and the jewellery trade around the world. Perles de Tahiti was a non-profit organization whose financing came from sharing the 200 French Pacific franc (2 USD) tax on each gramm of exported Tahitian pearls – 130 francs going to the government and 70 francs going to Perles de Tahiti.

To keep the Tahitian pearl reputation alive worldwide, Perles de Tahiti participated every year in numerous shows and salons as Basel, JCK Las Vegas, Vicenza Oro, Hong Kong Jewellery Fair, Iberjoya, International Jewelry Kobe, Jewelers of America and AFTA Gem Fair in Tucson.

But the biggest promotional operation since the Perles de Tahiti’s creation had been the Tahitian Pearl Trophy International Jewelry Design competition.

In 1998 the PERLES DE TAHITI G.I.E. decided to organize the Tahitian Pearl Trophy competition and the first national competitions were held in 1999.

Winning jewelleries of the Hungarian designers participating at the Tahitian Pearl Trophy Edition 3.

International gala was held in the Conventional and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong in September 21 2004. It was the first time when also the biggest pearlfarmer, Mr. Rober Wan’s company, the Tahiti Perles participated at theTahitian Pearl Trophy gala. Mr. Robert Wan was nominated to be the chairman of PERLES DE TAHITI in June 2004.


In addition to the international winner and 200 VIPs numerous TV and riporters from Jewellery magazines were present. The gala was opened by Mr. Martin Coéroli, the General Manager of Perles de Tahiti who expressed his thanks to thousands of designers for their participation and handed over the prizes.


The participating countries expanded from 17 in the first edition to 26 in the second edition in 2001, which further grew to 35 countries in the third one in 2003, while the Tahitian Pearl Trophy 4th Edition in 2005 attracted designers for participating from 36 countries. The 4th Edition (2005-2006) 11 first prizes among 33 international winners, 198 national (regional) trophies, 600 finalists and more than 6.000 participants from 36 countries. These are some of the figures representing the highlights of the world event that attracts the special attention of the jewellery industry and the international press. In each country the members of the jury have been selected for their ability to interpret women’s and men’s fashion and lifestyles as well as the desires each costumer has in the light of the jewellers’ creativity. They have chosen the best creative methods of their country for the international final. The international final selection in turn was judged in Milan (Italy) on September 23 2006 by a jury of personalities chaired by Ms. Tarita Brando.

4th EDITION (2005-2006)

More than 6.000 designers from 36 countries presented their entries in the national/regional competitions for the 4th Tahitian Pearl Trophy Design Contest.
About 600 designs were awarded at national/regional level, of them 198 were selected for the international final in 2006.
The international award presentation ceremony was held at the Milan Aquarium in Italy on 25th September 2006 during the Fashion Week. A super dinner for 100 international celebrities began at 9 p.m. followed by a sensational party with participation of Polynesian dancers and musicians arrived from Tahiti for this event.


East-European Regional Competition

The rules for the Tahitian Pearl Trophy competition Edition 5 had a slight change: a drawing of the jewellery was to be enclosed to the entry form. There was a change also from organizational point of view: similarly to the participation of the designers in the USA and Canada, they took part in one competition, as well as those in the countries of the Middle East, they participated in another regional contest, from this time on all the designers in the Central- and Easteuropean countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine could enter a regional competition held in Budapest.

It was the first time when jewellery designers from countries of Eastern Europe participated in a joint competition organized by the Perles de Tahiti G.I.E. The prize-giving ceremony and the following reception was held on October 5, 2007 in the Gallery Belvedere in Budapest, one of the most prestigous Art Gallery in Europe.
51 participants have represented six countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. 76 entries were prepared for jury evaluation. The jury members had an exhausting job since due to the perfect accomplishment and rich ideas they were often in trouble to choose the three best ones. It was mainly the case in male jewellery and ring categories where there were 14 and 15 entries, respectively.

First-prize winners are listed below:

Tervező Ország Sponzor Ékszer neve Kategória
David Sandu Romania daviDSandu jewelry Equilibrium Ring
Nyékes Ilona Hungary Chorus of Zodiaque Male jewellery
IvanTchanev Volen Denev Bulgaria Virtuosa Ltd Fanfares Necklace
Nagyné Ráski Orsolya Hungary Splendor Ltd Symphonie Parure
Nyékes Ilona Hungary Destination: Stars Pendant
Zsendovicsné Tóth Iringó Hungary Venus Brooch
Nagyné Ráski Orsolya Hungary Splendor Ltd Sonnet Bracelet
Nagy Dániel Hungary Splendor Ltd Cinderella Accessory
IvanTchanev Volen Denev Bulgária Virtuosa Ltd Percussies Earrings
Klára Petrova Szlovakia J. Maskal Sperky Star of Bethlehem Pearlrow

Second-prize winners are as follows:

Tervező Ország Sponzor Ékszer neve Kategória
Böjte István Hungary Böjte és Trsa Bt Saturn Ring
Zsendovics Gergely Hungary Tenor Male jewellery
Balla Sándor Roland Hungary Matrix Necklace
Cservenyné Goeser Katalin Hungary Sonata Parure
Sáfrány Zsófia Hungary Dolce Pendant
Zsendovics Gergely Hungary First Violin Brooch
Mikolcsó László Hungary Giusto Bracelet
Krausz Diana Hungary Banana Leaf Accessory
Nagy Dániel Hungary Whirlpool Earrings

Third-prize winners are as follows:

Tervező Ország Sponzor Ékszer neve Kategória
Herceghalmi István/Dobos Szilvia Hungary Music of Spheres Ring
Mihalovits András Hungary Mihalovits Manufacture Arrow-head Male jewellery
Böjte István Hungary Böjte és Trsa Bt Full Moon Necklace
Szabó Zsuzsa/Peyer András Hungary Géniusz Art Starlight Parure
Zsendovicsné Tóth Iringó Hungary Bourbon Lilly Pendant
Ondrej Durian Slovakia Space Eye Brooch
Zsendovics Gergely Hungary Conductor of Orchestra Bracelet
Lendvay Márta Hungary Porsoids Accessory
Zsendovicsné Tóth Iringó Hungary Mermaid Earrings

A few shots made at the award-giving ceremony held on October 5, 2007 in Gallery Belvedere in Budapest are shown below:

Chairman of jury: Mr. Miklos Varga – jewellery designer and producer
Jury members: Mr. Lajos Bartha – jewellery designer and producer; Mr. Tamás Zoltán – gold- and silversmith designer; Ms. Katalin Jermakov – gold- and silversmith designer, university professor; Ms. Henriett Molnár – ATV Television

From promotional point of view it was a great opportinity both for the designers in countries where Tahitian Pearl Trophy was organized previously and for the designers in the new countries. The regional gala took place in Budapest in October 2007 and the final of 5th Edition in Basel in March 2008. 

It was the last Tahitian Pearl Trophy. The reason is simple: The French Polynesian government abolished the export-tax, so due to lack of funding the Perles de Tahiti could not be maintained and thus it collapsed. In spite of numerous trial, unfortunately no organization has been established so far which could be a substitute for the G.I.E. Perles de Tahiti. It is very sad.